Friday, December 11, 2015

Google Forms Tip

I think my favorite new-to-me feature of Google Forms is the email notification feature. You can set-up your Google Form to send you an email when someone submits the form. 

Here are two ways the Google Forms notification feature has helped me save small amounts of time and frustration this semester.
  • I ask my students to submit a form to me if they have a question about their grade. The link to the survey is on MyBigCampus and I rarely have to think about it. A bonus is that they have to select from a list the standard which they are referencing; no more "Hey, I have a question about my grade for that one assignment we did." They are forced to own their grade enough to know what they are talking about. Also, no one asks me to stop what I'm doing to go to my computer to check or update a past grade during instructional time. I have a procedure in place and can take care of it on my own time during plan or after school.
  • I ask parents to fill out a Google Form survey at the beginning of the year. The survey explains the course expectations and asks for parent contact information. The students receive a small grade for this assignment. I really want to make sure parents fill this out, so I will always take late surveys. This year, I used the notifications feature to receive emails when a parent updated the form after the deadline so that I didn't need to keep checking the spreadsheet results everyday unless there actually was a response.

If you want to receive an email every time someone submits one of your Google Forms, here are the instructions:

1. Open the Google Form you've created.

2.  Click "Tools"

3. Click on "Notification Rules"

4. Select the highlighted items for daily notifications when a new form is submitted.

5. Save Settings and close Notification Rules. 

I also learned how to send the person submitting the form a custom email. This is more complicated but may be a great way to provide automatic feedback to students, especially if you are using Google Forms as assessments. I haven't tried it with students yet, but promise to update this blog when I do!

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Student Recognition

On the first day of school, Mr. Skinner recognized the following students in front of the entire student body. We have a lot to be proud of!

·        Thanks to the Link Crew for their help during Freshman Orientation Activities
·       Thanks to all students who worked on their Honors or AP classes this summer
·        Thanks to all students who have work with their sports teams, cheerleaders, and marching band this summer
·        Congrats to the  18 current and past students who represented North HS in participating  in this year’s Summer Musical “Mary Poppins”
·        Congrats to our North HS Boys Golf Team for being SIAC Champions
·        Congrats to our North HS Girls Track student athletes for qualifying and participating in the IHSAA Girls State Track Meet in May:  4X800m relay team members:  (Sr.) Mary Beth Grimm, (Sr.) Michaela Ward, (Graduate) Allie Rollins, (Jr.) Stephanie Roth, and (Jr) Lauren Hodoval.  In the 100m:  (Graduate) Ashlyn Smith.
·        Congrats to our North HS Girls Golf Team that our ranked #1 in the state and have already started their season with winning the Washington Country Oaks Tournament.  (Sr) Emma Keiffer and (Soph) Hadley Walts were co-medalist. 
·        Congrats to (Jr.) Eric Brinker for qualifying and making the cut in 2015 Men’s City Golf Tournament
·        Congrats to (Sr) Tate Fritchley for being named Vanderburgh County Queen 2015
·        Congrats to (Sr) Audrey Ferguson for being named Miss Teen Indiana and 2nd runner-up to Miss America Outstanding Teen.  She’s won over $12,000 in scholarships and full ride to the University of Alabama.
·        Congrats to the students who took Advanced Placement Exams last year (309 tests taken the most in the EVSC and surrounding area)
·        Congrats to the 20 North HS Advanced Placement students for being recognized as Advanced Placement Scholars:  AP Scholars--- (Sr) Cody Daugherty, (Sr) Ethan Elleser, (Sr) Cameron Seger, and (Sr) Michaela Ward.
·        Congrats to (Sr) Zach Conroy for earning the honor to be part of the 2016 National Merit Scholarship Program for his PSAT testing scores.
·        Congrats to (Sr) Jacob Riggs for a perfect score of 800 on his Math part of the SAT
·        Congrats to NHS English and Math (Algebra I) on increases on their ECA results for the 2014-2015 school year.
·        Congrats to Juniors Megan Centers and Jessica Peistrup for perfect scores on their ECA English 10 state test.
·        Congrats to everyone associated with North High School in helping to be recognized as an “A” school in the state of Indiana.

2014-2015 School Year

An entire school year flew by without a blog post! For posterity's sake, here is a video that summarizes the year's accomplishments.