Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Student Recognition

On the first day of school, Mr. Skinner recognized the following students in front of the entire student body. We have a lot to be proud of!

·        Thanks to the Link Crew for their help during Freshman Orientation Activities
·       Thanks to all students who worked on their Honors or AP classes this summer
·        Thanks to all students who have work with their sports teams, cheerleaders, and marching band this summer
·        Congrats to the  18 current and past students who represented North HS in participating  in this year’s Summer Musical “Mary Poppins”
·        Congrats to our North HS Boys Golf Team for being SIAC Champions
·        Congrats to our North HS Girls Track student athletes for qualifying and participating in the IHSAA Girls State Track Meet in May:  4X800m relay team members:  (Sr.) Mary Beth Grimm, (Sr.) Michaela Ward, (Graduate) Allie Rollins, (Jr.) Stephanie Roth, and (Jr) Lauren Hodoval.  In the 100m:  (Graduate) Ashlyn Smith.
·        Congrats to our North HS Girls Golf Team that our ranked #1 in the state and have already started their season with winning the Washington Country Oaks Tournament.  (Sr) Emma Keiffer and (Soph) Hadley Walts were co-medalist. 
·        Congrats to (Jr.) Eric Brinker for qualifying and making the cut in 2015 Men’s City Golf Tournament
·        Congrats to (Sr) Tate Fritchley for being named Vanderburgh County Queen 2015
·        Congrats to (Sr) Audrey Ferguson for being named Miss Teen Indiana and 2nd runner-up to Miss America Outstanding Teen.  She’s won over $12,000 in scholarships and full ride to the University of Alabama.
·        Congrats to the students who took Advanced Placement Exams last year (309 tests taken the most in the EVSC and surrounding area)
·        Congrats to the 20 North HS Advanced Placement students for being recognized as Advanced Placement Scholars:  AP Scholars--- (Sr) Cody Daugherty, (Sr) Ethan Elleser, (Sr) Cameron Seger, and (Sr) Michaela Ward.
·        Congrats to (Sr) Zach Conroy for earning the honor to be part of the 2016 National Merit Scholarship Program for his PSAT testing scores.
·        Congrats to (Sr) Jacob Riggs for a perfect score of 800 on his Math part of the SAT
·        Congrats to NHS English and Math (Algebra I) on increases on their ECA results for the 2014-2015 school year.
·        Congrats to Juniors Megan Centers and Jessica Peistrup for perfect scores on their ECA English 10 state test.
·        Congrats to everyone associated with North High School in helping to be recognized as an “A” school in the state of Indiana.

2014-2015 School Year

An entire school year flew by without a blog post! For posterity's sake, here is a video that summarizes the year's accomplishments.