Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Just for fun!!

I'd like to introduce a just-for-fun North teacher blog!  We used to have a teacher newsletter - I really enjoyed it.  It was fun to read. This will be like that.  I hope it becomes a place to learn from (and about) one another. Parents and students may possibly stumble here from time to time - it is open to all.

Here's how it works....

Every Friday, a different guest blogger (maybe you?) will blog around one of the following questions:
  • What teacher/student/administrator would I like to brag on and why?
  • What innovative (or new-to-me) teaching strategy am I trying and how’s it going?
  • Share a “big success”.
  • What tech tool have I tried recently that I would recommend to others?
  • What have students been working on in my class?
  • What whole school initiative is North doing that am I really excited about (or would love to see happen one day)?
  • What is one cool thing happening at North that parents probably don't know?
  • What's on your mind?
  • What's new in your life?

      If you read this and thought,  "I want to be a guest blogger!!" 
      If you read this and thought,  "I will read it, but don't want to write!!"
      ...then visit the blog every Friday and/or subscribe to it! Use the comment section to provide feedback, ask questions, and to...,well, comment!  Occasionally, I will send an email to the staff reminding everyone that a teacher blog exists.
      If you thought, "This blog makes me stressed out and/or angry!!"
      ...then close this window right away and don't think about it anymore. No worries! :)
        Thanks! I look forward to learning with you! First post will be this Friday!!



  1. I think this is great Michelle! Thank you for taking the initiative to foster communication about what is going on within the North community! :)

  2. thank YOU for being the first comment :) looking forward to your March blog entry!

    1. Thanks for taking the time to organize this. I look forward to learning about my coworkers!

    2. you're very sweet, I'm excited, too!