Thursday, August 29, 2013

Husky Nation

If you didn't know, the North Teacher Softball team, Husky Nation, has had at least four practices now.  I attended my first practice last night - and it was surprisingly fun.  We are really looking forward to our first double header: September 4th at 6pm and 7pm @ Iglehart Field.  We would love for you to come!!  It should be fun to watch - I was really impressed at our players performance during practice!  So who is on this team?!

After intense tryouts, I would like to introduce you to your very own North softball team... ::drumroll::

Christina Bartley! Sarah Braun!  Tina Carraro! Adam Cooper! Andrea Gilham! Mechelle Gilles! Karen Halle! Joe Hancock!  Chris Herron! Errick Lickey!  Shawn McGeorge!  Michelle Roach!  Amanda Salomon! Leslie Wilhelmus!

Now, I've only attended one practice ..but let me just say,

Bartley was throwing underhanded from the outfield and the ball would go right where it was supposed to go!  Tina was pitching so well that she was technically striking people out! I asked Adam Cooper to hit the ball directly to me in the outfield...and he did!  Errick Lickey is such a wise batting coach, he changed my batting life!  Karen is an amazing, A-League-Of-Their-Own-quality first basewoman!   Chris Herron had an amazing backpack - I think it was even made for baseball players!  I've only attended two-thirds of one practice, so I haven't seen everyone's stuff.  If the rest of the team is anything like yesterday's bunch, we are in good shape.  Plus, I hear McGeorge knows what he's doing.

Here's to a great season!


  1. #BatterUp #StressRelief #HuskyNation

  2. As you can tell from the images, Michelle is very kind. :) This will definitely be a fun 5 weeks!

  3. Sorry I couldn't make it to the practices :( I look forward to playing with everyone!

    1. it's ok, Sarah! they were just to get the rust off. your rust is already off.

  4. It's on the internet so it must be true.